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Virtual Services

There are a few options for those seeking a more individualized helping hand on their journey.  Virtual Consultations and Virtual Training Sessions.  What's the difference?  Virtual Consultations are video chats where you can ask me questions about your training regimen, how to deal with obstacles in your life that might prevent you from reaching your goals, or anything else within my scope of practice, while also taking the time to take a look at your progress and note what's worked well for you and what might benefit from change.  Virtual Training Sessions are video chats where I personally walk you through the customized workouts I've built for you, providing tips and cues to ensure you're getting the most out of each rep, and holding you accountable to a higher standard that you have chosen for yourself.  Before or after, we will also cover things that we would otherwise talk about in the consultation.  Virtual Consultations may be purchased individually, however both are subscription services coming with customized workouts, the ability to reach out with questions through text at any time (responses within reasonable timeframe depending on time), progress tracking through our website, and all of the expected benefits of signing up with a personal trainer.  Interested in a free trial Consultation to talk about what I can do for you?  Head on over here, and introduce yourself, and we'll get the ball rolling on your fitness journey.

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