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All About Fitness

Highlights from the first episode of my Podcast, which can be listened to over here.


Hello. My name is Russell "Bump" Coonley. I am here to tell you about myself. Prepare to read.

  • NASM accredited CPT

  • Passion for fitness and wellness stemming from childhood illnesses and current disabilities

  • Chronic Nerve Pain Survivor (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)

  • Firm believer that change must come from within, be backed by hard work, and pursued with compassion for self at highest priority

  • Firm believer that with the ability to do more comes the responsibility to do more, for yourself and others

  • Filled with random knowledge and life experience to approach problems from unique and interesting angles

  • Interested in getting to know you and how I can help you along the Path to fitness (Click the button below)

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